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Extrusion control in straight - seam steel tube production

In the manufacturing process of straight seam steel tube, the manufacturer of straight seam steel tube needs to have good control over extrusion pressure. This is because in the process of welding, two tube on the edge of the embryo to welding temperature, to a certain amount of pressure on them, the pressure of metal grain them can mutual penetration, the crystallization of bind tightly, achieve the goal of welding is firm. However, if the extrusion is insufficient, the crystallization will not be formed well, the strength of the welding position will be very low, and the cracking problem will be easily caused by external forces. But when too much time in extrusion, achieve the welding temperature of weld metal will be squeezed out of the weld position, real welded together can reach the temperature of the metal will be very few, so the number of crystal and reduces, it would also lead to welding not strong enough, also have a lot of burr at the same time, this defect is more serious.

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