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Inspection of starting point and end point of large-caliber thick wall seamless steel pipe

1. The starting and ending points of the large-caliber thick wall seamless steel tube will be tested.

2. At the beginning, check the well test tube bank and set the water tank, pipeline and other dry soil layer, and the liquid level test should be 4 m higher than the top of the starting test tube.

3. The inlet pipe is connected to the lower side plate of the wall. After inspection, the well pipe should be built on the plug of the drain pipe and well drained. The pipes shall be tight and shall be filled with water from the water tank, and the water level shall be observed.

4. Measure water level. Observe whether the large caliber thick wall seamless steel pipe joint is not tight, if you find leakage should be removed. In the closed water test, the observation time should not be less than 3 minutes.

5. Shut off the water to make a good record of drainage water and clean the water discharge tube timely. Pipe cleaning.

Polyethylene (PE) double wall corrugated pipe water absorption effect is good or bad, directly affect the use. Therefore, after the completion of the project, the requirements of the closed water test must be completed in accordance with the regulations.

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